Hello, I go by the name of Q. I created my first infographic around March 2017 for a class assignment and since then I discovered that this is something I love doing. I am by no means a professional designer. On the contrary, I am just an average person with a passion to creatively present information about subject matters that interests me.

You will find a diverse range of topics here, from red velvet to listicles of all kinds. I get random ideas out of the blue, hence the variation here will either excite or bore you. I sure hope it is the former.

Most of my infographics are done in Piktochart as I liked their designs most after surveying other similar platforms. I highly recommend them if you want to try your hands on creating infographics yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like, I appreciate constructive feedback at all times. If you’d like me to design something for you, I sell my services at Fiverr.

If you just want to chat, you can connect with me through Facebook or LinkedIn.